About Us

We provide portable solutions for the field of medical rehabilitation

We innovate in rehabilitation with medical devices so that physiotherapists, rehabilitation physician and orthopedic surgeons improve the diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation of the mobility disorders of their patients

We collaborate with hospitals, clinics and universities

We develop highly competitive products thanks to the work of different medical centers that bring us advances in technology and new knowledge

We research in science and technology to apply it to the health sector

We believe in R&D in the medical and health fields in order to improve the quality of life of patients


DyCare is a multidisciplinary team, complementing each other and looking for the perfect combination of each of us, extracting the maximum of our knowledge. Each person of the team has an important role

Silvia Raga
CEO & Co-founder

B.Sc. and M.Sc in Biomedical Engineering. She also holds an MBA and more than 10 years’ experience in the medical device sector. She has covered different positions at the international level in the field of management, both in a business environment, as a hospital, in companies such as CID Spa or Hospital de Sant Pau.

PhD. Ricardo Jauregui
CTO & Co-fundador

PhD in Numeric Simulation and Project Manager Professional (PMP©) with more than 15 years of experience in managing and developing cutting edge projects at leading companies in the healthcare sector, such as Roche Diagnostic.

Alex Rodríguez
Systems Architect

Daniel Serra
Business Development Manager

Pau Ortega

David Llanos

Advisory Board

DyCare has a Scientific & Medical Advisory Board with an active participation in the company, evaluating and supporting all solutions to ensure that we are creating the best product on the market

Dr. Alessandro Castagna
President of Medical Advisory Board

Orthopedic Surgery of the Shoulder and Elbow Unit Director in Humanitas Research Hospital. He has specialized almost exclusively in shoulder surgery and he carries out about 900 operations a year. He was president of SECEC during two years and SICSeG.

Dr. Marco Conti
Phd, Medical Advisor

EUSSER (European Shoulder & Elbow Society) President. Sports Medicine Postgraduate Doctor with a Ph.D. in Human Applied Physiology. Shoulder consultant in many Rehab Centers. Owner of two big Sports Medicine consultancy offices.

Giovanni Vergani
Financial Advisor

Director at AddWise S.A, twenty years working in finance, 10 as Managing Director in Credit Suisse Since 2014 has been a business consultant to financials intermediaries providing strategic advice to banks and insurance companies.

Giorgio Pedretti
Senior ICT Consultant

ICT Consultant on international Companies involved on medical and research field. He has been IT Manager Consultant and worked with several medical associations. He focuses his work with innovative Studio Medico Alessandro Castagna.

PhD. Simone Balocco
Signal Processing Scientist

Ph.D. in Electronics and Telecommunications. Professor at the University of Barcelona, Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology. He has a longstanding experience in artificial intelligence and computer vision methods for the computer-aided detection of clinical pathologies.  He is owner of three international patents.