Teckscan Distributor

DyCare: distributor Teksan. Pressure measurement systems that provide accurate biomechanical data on gait function and evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries.

DyCare is the official distributor in Spain and Portugal of Tekscan’s Pressure Measurement Systems.


Tekscan’s pressure measurement systems provide accurate, reliable data for important biomechanical insights into foot function, gait, balance, pressure offloading and musculoskeletal injury assessments.


See how Tekscan can help enhance your clinical evaluations and research outcomes.

Tekscan’s Products

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About Tekscan

Experts in medical pressure mapping systems

Tekscan is a world leader in manufacturing pressure and force sensors. For over twenty-five years, Tekscan medical systems have been used by leading clinicians, hospitals and universities around the world to gather accurate, reliable data and improve patient care.


Accurate and reliable solutions for a variety of applications

🔹 Balance & Stability Assessments

🔹 Gait Analysis

🔹 Concussion Assessments

🔹 Injury Risk & Sports Performance Evaluations

🔹 Seating & Positioning Analysis

🔹 Joint Analysis

🔹 Pressure Offloading for Wounds, Ulcers & Burns

🔹 Foot Pathologies & Orthotics

🔹 Veterinary

Trusted, Proven Solutions

Tekscan systems have been validated by leading researchers in various publications. View our Medical bibliography to see the broad applications for Tekscan Systems or contact us.

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